hullo & pleased to see ya!

now take a deep breath.

let it ooouuuuut.

one more time for good measure?

that's better.

welcome to

we are a modern social club that curates soothing experiences around music.

our award-winning community merges the intimacy of a house concert with the playfulness of a whisper-filled blanket fort to create the coziest musical corner of the internet.

we slap, so you nap.
"nap time is the new
happy hour."
book of sleepomus, verse 7938

who likes it?

the right people, obviously.

in all seriousness, nap time and bullies generally don't mix well— tends not to be restful. but since you asked, we have some delightful bullet points to show off our social cred.
New York TimesNPRWall Street JournalPollstarThe VergeMusic Ally
  • 300+ shows
  • 400+ artists who have graced our stage
  • 31,000 minutes of good vibes recorded
  • 1 million+ unique listeners serenaded
  • winner of "best recurring nightly show" on clubhouse in 2021
  • featured guests like john mayer, jp saxe, alaina castillo and mooooore

who's behind it?

absolute geniuses, that's who
our community is made up of mythical creatures, strange animal-human hybrids, dreamy sports cars, and salt of the earth people just like you, lovely viewer.

how does it work?

our club is format fluid, multi-faceted, and ever-changing. here's how our current programming works.
the chatroom
our discord channel is the best way to connect directly to our team (aka lullabears) 24/7. whether you're an artist or a fan, you can join conversations and live hangouts to connect with our global community!
the social ROOM
previously hosted on the Clubhouse app, our social audio experience is an interactive show offered live on discord (times vary). the virtual stage is set with regular hosts and guest artists performing soothing versions of their songs & vibing with audience members.
the TALK Show
our sleepy radio show is hosted on Amazon's AMP app, where our team experiments with different formats ranging from bedtime routines to interactive storytelling. AMP is our laboratory of practices for restfulness and restoration.
In-PERSON Events
our community of artists partner with festivals and sleep-based organizations to host soothing concerts all over the world.
however you join in, we can't wait to hang with you.

choose your adventure


erm. whatcha still doing here?

if you need help getting out of the doom scroll, you can go listen to our favorite playlist.
now go the f*** to sleep