what about us, huh?

we're on a mission

to soothe the world
through the power
of music and vibezzzzzzz

we love our values

if it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing

let’s just try it

we’re here for you

it’s like empathy, but better

you know it when you feel it

we have
the dream team

from artists to entrepreneurs, scientists to storytellers... everyone plays a part to build this community into a safe space for people all over the world.
core squad

Axel Mansoor
Founder & Friendly Neighborhood Dictator

Aviva Mohilner
Co-founder & "Neck That Turns The Head"

Bryan Mooney
Artist Management & Professional Worrier

Friends At Work

support squad

Bre Donofrio
Show Producer & NFT Whisperer

Will Brosha
Pre-Show producer & Audio God

Souki Mehdaoui
Creative Direction & other things

Ketan Anjaria
storyteller & Papa of the Lullabears

backstage squad

Lori Laughlin
Founding Backstage empress

Aric Mussman
Founding Backstage emporer & Meme Royalty

Breann Bradley
Backstage queen & Artist Recruitment

Agatha Wallen
Backstage duchess & Show Graphics

Jen Creador
Backstage countess & Meme Dynasty

Ginger Torrado
Backstage baroness & Web3 Outreach

Seneid Kennedy
Backstage lady & Meme Dynasty

Misha Hiresh
Backstage duke

Sam Weller
Backstage baron

Cyndilu Miller
Backstage viscountess

and more!

artist hosts

Lucy Clearwater

Ty Rex

Ross Newhouse

Son of Cloud

Marcellus Shepard

Ashley Maietta

Jason Sibi-Okumu

Mohsin Zanman

beloved guest artists

Talia Dalton

Ketan Anjaria

Mia Gladstone

Kevin Garrett

Owen Kelley

Janice Wong

Uyanga Bold

Rishab Sharma



M'Gilvry Allen

Kayode King

Koby Berman

Ashlynn Malia

Nico Franc

Raymond Revel

Jon Black

Brett Altman

Daniel Weidlein

Joe Romano

Falsa Music

Dylan Dunlap

Morgan  + Scott

and more!

but how the ****
did this all

a brief bullet-pointed history


Global pandemic ravages humanity and quarantines everyone else into despairing lockdowns

Clubhouse launches as an exclusive invite-only social audio platform to win over our sad lonely souls

Axel Mansoor starts playing soft music in Clubhouse rooms and starts his own "Lullaby Club"


Aviva Mohilner joins Axel to help co-create and manage a nightly show. She makes the first website. Independent artists join Axel as regulars in the club— including THE "OG SQUAD" Lucy Clearwater, Talia Dalton, Mohsin Zanman, Ketan Anjaria, Ty Rex, Ross Newhouse, et al. Aviva pulls together a backstage team to help moderate the nights, and the meme dynasty is born

celebrity artists like John Mayer and Citizen Cope play in the club, Axel becomes the Clubhouse icon

Feb through May
Articles and press galore, glorious faaaame

The community has its first in-person event in Soho, New York City

After running 200 shows with no budget, Clubhouse gives Lullaby Club production funds for 3 months

Season 2 airs with a new format and new hosts, and introduces midday siesta music sessions

The community has its second in-person event co-hosted with the wellness app Open in Topanga (LA). Season 3 airs with no break and a cast of new hosts

261 shows later, the last Lullaby Club of the year. Bonanza holiday party! Llamas get involved. No lullabear is spared from the joy of festivities


plans for an exciting future home of lullaby club unfold, weekly sunday night shows on clubhouse bring the community together

february + onward...
TO BE determined!

stay tuned for all the goodies in this yard